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2011-01-03 - Chapter 25 - Page 34
Thanks for reading Bizarre Uprising. It's been a crazy 8+ years, but I hope you enjoyed the comic. Thanks to all those who were kind to us over the years, you had an impact on us.
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So the father Cerise thought she had was wrong all along? That'd be confusing enough, if it didn't come with those pesky vampire powers. Hopefully she'll have less pressure than Mitsu did!

There's some mystery to this whole situation and I'd be curious to how reader's think this all came about.

I want to make sure that anyone who's interested in what I'm doing, or hearing from me in general, please add me on Twitter or Facebook, e-mail me and also check out GameYayFun for the occasional article. I'll have a proper speech soon, but I just wanted to make sure those interested stay in touch with me.

posted by Razlo on 2011-01-03 at 20:03:53
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