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2010-12-27 - Chapter 25 - Page 33
Thanks for reading Bizarre Uprising. It's been a crazy 8+ years, but I hope you enjoyed the comic. Thanks to all those who were kind to us over the years, you had an impact on us.
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Post Christmas
Oh hey, hope everyone had a nice Christmas or whatever. Mine was pretty cool! I am also currently on vacation, which is also pretty cool. I got a bunch of games and anime and stuff, so I'm going to get back to playing around with it all.

Have a Happy New Year and stuff too.

posted by Yuji28Go on 2010-12-29 at 14:10:44
Endless Christmas
I've had 3 Holiday parties in December and I still have a family Christmas get together next weekend. My sister's family got sick, so it nixed any plans of having a full family Christmas Day celebration. Additionally, I asked my wife for SNES and NES game reproductions which take about a month to complete, so I won't be getting those gifts until some point in January. The Christmas tree will be staying up until all of these gifts come in, which has effectively made my Christmas a very long affair this year. That's fine with me though, as something always seems missing when the tree and lights come down.

Other than that, everything is normal, other than the fact that I'm no longer writing Bizarre Uprising. I've sent all the layouts for the rest of the comic to Yuji and he only has the final page left to complete. It's already weird to think about this being over and I'm sure it will only be weirder as time passes.

posted by Razlo on 2010-12-27 at 12:58:53
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