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kalix.jpgKalix Egil Danton
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Likes: women, attention, hair products, water
Dislikes: old pictures, his parents, sweaters, mustard
Lusts After:
Has Dated:

Don't allow Kalix's outgoing ladies' man facade fool you. He used to be one of the most uncharismatic, undesirable men in town. That all turned around when a favorable hormonal change caused him to become the tall handsome playboy he is now. He's using his current situation to help mend his lonely past. This being the case, Kalix is hardly a one woman man. He thrives off of the attention, no matter the source. Kalix used to worship any friend he got, but with his new found popularity, Mitsu and Toki wonder if they'll meet his standards for long.

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