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toki.jpgToki Anoki Ramiro
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Likes: Gainax, Sunrise, AIC, Victor Entertainment
Dislikes: dubs, overlays, edits,
Lusts After: n/a
Has Dated: his hand

With Toki everything is a competition. If there is something you can do, he will try to do it better. He is always trying to one-up Mitsu and get the newest thing early enougth to rub it in his friends' faces. This trait can be trying on his friends, but Toki will never realize this. He goes through life entirely unaware of how inappropriate his actions almost always are. Like his friends, Toki is a nerd, but he revels in his otakuness. He is quite intelligent but his intellect is mostly focused on knowing even the most obscure facts about his hobbies and not so much on practical information. Someday Toki hopes to be emperor of the world.

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